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To win you need an unfair advantage.
Publishers have that unfair advantage.

They Just Aren’t Using It.

“We already leverage our data” – Says Every Publisher

But data is like an iceberg and publishers are just scratching the surface. We guarantee you’re missing the real value under the surface or we’ll buy you a steak dinner.

Does a single data point represent you?

Publishers often use a simple key – value structure to target campaigns and while this approach is better than run of site campaigns, it only represents people as single data points; this results in lower campaign performance.

People interact with advertising differently. So why target everyone equally?

Publishers commonly target people based on interests to elicit the best response for an advertiser’s campaign. However Advertisers typically evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign based on a specific metric. Publishers can increase campaign performance and the perceived value of a campaign by targeting both the interests and the mode in which a person consistently interacts with a campaign.

DSPs and DMPs can only activate less than 60% of your data. Do you know why?

With the increased sophistication of advertising technology, it can be difficult to understand its limitations. With increased education, publishers can identify the technologies that provide the greatest return on investment.

Stop using the same generic solution that all of your competitors use.

Be different, offer advertisers your own custom, tailored solution driven by data.

1st Party Cookie

Programmatic advertising cannot replace the unique relationship you have with your audience. Leverage that relationship to run campaigns that outperform any of your competitors.

1st Party Data

Go beyond the simple key – value data structures and leverage all of your granular data.

Custom Programmatic Bidder

Stop using the same generic tools as your competitors; get a buying algorithm that is as unique as you.

Native DFP Integration

Don’t worry about learning another interface or creating additional workflow. Our entire solution runs from within DFP.

Post Click Campaign Optimization

It’s not 2010, advertisers know the difference between cheap traffic and real customers that will move the needle for their business. Optimize for engagement not accidental clicks.

No Media Markup

We know that publishers have enough challenges, such as growing vendor costs and shrinking margins. Our flat rate pricing makes running your business cheaper and easier.

100% Automated

Your ad ops team is already swamped, we get it. Our automated solution will help you look like Superman, without having to increase headcount.


Actions Speak Louder than Words

Learn why top tier publishers use Adamatic on over 2,000+ campaigns.


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