Our Work

Below you will find several examples of Audio Creatives that we have developed for a variety of different brands. Our talented team of Writers and Voice Artists are ready to work with you to develop the perfect creative for your brand's needs. We can also help pair your script with coordinating background music to help set the tone of your creative. 


Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons wanted an upbeat, southern male voice with background music added to highlight their delicious summer Iced Tea flavors. Click the arrow to listen to the final product. 



Duckworth selected a serious male voice paired with a custom background music track to showcase their premium wool products. The style and tone, along with the imagery in the script, takes you to the mountains of Montana. 

Goat Guns


Goat Guns selected an excited male voice with electric guitar and drums included in the background music. The tone and music come together perfectly to highlight Goat Gun's miniature gun models. 


Alchemy Fine Homes

Alchemy Fine Homes selected a sophisticated, upbeat female voice artist to help showcase their designer decor, furniture and cooking essentials. They paired their script with a soft, relaxing background music that matches their style and class. 



Homefield Apparel selected a relaxed female voice artist, paired with cheerful background music, to share their unique abilities to create custom, vintage inspired clothing for an endless variety of brands and leagues. 


Jet Chevrolet

Jet Chevrolet selected a confident, friendly female voice artist, without background music, to help raise brand awareness and to showcase their current in house special for automotive trade-ins.