A good script for a digital audio ad should be able to capture the attention of the listener immediately, and hold it throughout the duration of the ad. The copy should be clear, concise, and to the point; after all, people have short attention spans these days.

To write a good script, it is important to understand the target audience and what sort of message will resonate with them. The creative team behind the ad should also have a clear understanding of the product or service being advertised. With all of this in mind, it is possible to craft a script that will effectively promote whatever it is you are trying to sell.

When you're writing a script for digital audio, here are some of the most important elements to consider:

- First, you'll need to grab the attention of your audience with an opening line or hook. This is your one chance to make a first impression, so make it count! This can be a question, a startling fact, or an unexpected twist.

- Once you have their attention, you'll need to keep them engaged by writing a compelling story that flows well. This is where having a creative team comes in handy, as they can help you brainstorm ideas and keep the overall tone of the ad on track.

- Finally, you'll need to make sure your call to action is clear and concise. You want your audience to know what you want them to do after listening to your ad, so make sure your instructions are clear. A strong conclusion will leave listeners feeling satisfied and ready to take action.

Whoa There’s Too Many Moving Parts:

If you lack the bandwidth to give writing a shot then luckily at Adamatic we have a team of writers who work on the best possible ad copy for your business. Our team works closely with you to create the right message, then we write the perfect ad to deliver it. We also have a large network of publishers that allows us to deliver your ads across thousands of sites.

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As the world of marketing and advertising continues to evolve, so too do the ways in which companies are reaching their target audiences. Digital audio advertising is one of the most effective and efficient means of marketing in the modern age, and script creation is a vital part of the process.

We like to say ‘never judge a book by its cover’ we all do. The same goes for the opening line of your audio ad. Our team of experts know all the tips and tricks on how to make a stand-out hook to keep your audience engaged and listening. And most importantly, how to give you a creative that stands out.

Listeners judge audio ads based on their opening line, or as we call it – a hook. Even though a hook in a 30 second ad is only about five seconds long, it holds the weight of the rest of your ad. Hooks can be anything from a statement, a question, or a common issue your brand can solve for consumers.

Of course there are other components to a creative, but the hook is your brand’s first impression. Here are some examples our team has written for an at-home boxing workout equipment brand in the past:

Are you tired of running on the treadmill or spending what feels like forever on the elliptical?

Looking for a full-body home workout that doesn’t involve weights, jumping, and overall noise?

In the hooks above you can see these combined questions as well as common issues many have when it comes to exercising. Here is another example of a hook that is a statement as well as a common issue gaming consumers have:

Gamers listen up! You carry your team on your back, but that doesn’t mean it should hurt afterwards.

Just from the first line of all three scripts, these are eye-catching to the brands’ target audience. These were just some of all the great hooks the Adamatic team has written so far.

Did you know that over 95% of Americans 13 or older listen to some form of audio every day? According to Edison Research the average amount of time Americans spend listening to audio is four hours a day. Shocking, huh? Especially since working remotely is the norm now many people treat audio as their WFH co-worker. They listen to everything from the radio, streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, and podcasts. Luckily we advertise on all of these platforms! This means your ad could be heard by a large number of people daily. Here are five reasons why you should act on the digital audio advertising trend ASAP.

Audio Consumers Have a Larger Attention Span for Audio Ads Than They do on Social Media

When we read our eyes are constantly moving thus gliding right over advertisements most of the time. Think about it: when you’re scrolling through Instagram mindlessly you most likely pass right over the promoted ad that's placed between your friend’s vacation pictures. But our ears can’t move, making them focus solely on the audio playing. Especially when the dialogue is interesting we fall into deep focus that allows us to process every word. If your ad is perfectly crafted (which is why you have Adamatic’s expert writers to help) listeners will process and most importantly remember your ad.

Digital Audio is Incredibly Customizable

A very large perk to digital audio advertising is you can target certain demographics, states, even down to specific zip codes and so much more! When advertising on Facebook or Google shows you a group of people who might be interested in your product. That doesn’t sound very productive in our opinion. When you know who will be listening to your ad you can then customize it to be the perfect fit for your demographic! You know your audience more than anyone, so it would only make sense to tailor your ad to them.

Digital audio provides an immersive experience that can be customized to your target audience. You can choose the music, voiceover, and sound effects that will create the desired effect on your listeners. Here are some examples of customization:

  • Digital audio plays on emotions:

Digital audio can be used to evoke emotions in listeners, creating a powerful connection between your product and your customers. This method of marketing can be very effective in promoting loyalty to a brand.

  • It holds more attention:

Digital audio is a more engaging form of marketing than text or video. It can hold a listener’s attention longer, increasing the likelihood that they will remember your product.

  • Reaches a wider audience:

Digital audio can be accessed by a wider audience than other forms of media. It is available on computers, smartphones, and other devices, making it convenient for listeners to access your content.Additionally, many people prefer to listen to audio content than to read text. Therefore, by using digital audio, you can reach a larger audience with your message. Digital audio can also be a more effective way to communicate than other forms of media. For example, by using digital audio, you can create a more personal connection with your listeners. Additionally, digital audio can be more engaging and entertaining than other forms of media.

Most Importantly, Audio can Lead to Online Shopping (Duh!)

Clearly digital audio is becoming more and more popular, as people increasingly stream audio instead of purchasing CDs or downloading MP3s. This shift presents a unique opportunity for advertisers, who can now reach consumers while they're engaged in other activities.

Streaming audio platforms like Spotify and Pandora offer ad-supported tiers that allow users to listen for free. This means that there are a lot of potential listeners out there, and that brands can reach them while they're in a relaxed state and receptive to advertising messages. Digital audio advertising is still in its early stages, but it's already proving to be effective. A recent study found that listeners who heard an ad on a streaming audio platform were more likely to purchase the product than those who didn't hear the ad. As digital audio continues to grow, it presents a great opportunity for brands to reach consumers in a new and innovative way.

The Future is Digital Audio

Obviously there are many reasons to make digital audio your main form of advertising, but those are our top three. And when you work with Admatic, it makes it all the more easier because we work closely with you to make sure you’re seeing the results you strive for. Don’t wait for your attention span to fade, set up a demo with us today!